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Pattern Gauntlets
Go Fish Gauntlet
Go Fish Gauntlet
Go Fish Gauntlet

Go Fish Gauntlet

These Brightly Coloured Hybiscus flowers are guarenteed to put you in an Island Mood.
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While others savour your style, you will enjoy:

  • Soft, smooth & seamless construction and 4-way stretch for unlimited range of motion from 80% Nylon / 20% Lycra Blend
  • Additionally, the garments wick away moisture and dry quickly for ultimate comfort and temperature control
  • Furthermore, Aloe vera to help soften and moisturize the skin
  • Optional DIVA Diamond Band grip to help the sleeve stay up
  • Finally, all our products are silicone-free, latex-free!

Last but not least, Garment Care is easy! While we do not recommend hand washing, you can machine wash with a mild detergent. Simply set your machine on the delicate cycle. Use cold water and a delicates bag. After the sleeves are washed, dry them in a tumble dry on low heat.

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