• Promoting Positive Survivorship

    Our goal is to provide medical, therapeutic products
    that promote a positive survivorship journey
    by meeting both the physical & emotional needs
    of life after a cancer diagnosis.

LympheDivas developed state of the art 3D printing for superior compression

We source products that provide Superior Quality ​& Durability

We source only the highest quality products for our customers. Our core Lymphedivas line of arm compression garments are a great example. 
Lymphedivas started as a passion project of two breast cancer survivors who struggled to effectively treat the lymphedema that developed after their treatment. 

Working in concert with medical experts and textile industry leaders, they created a state of the art product that weaves together all the aspects of a patient's lifestyle to in a product that meets both the physical and emotional needs of patients.

Pioneering a state of the art 3D knit technique, the company produced exceptional quality garments capable of delivering optimal compression for up to 6 months. Furthermore their handpieces are knit entirely in one piece directly on the machine with no unsightly and uncomfortable seams, providing greater hand freedom and unbound finger mobility.

Sizing Made Easy

Whether you're new to compression or simply switching from a different brand to LympheDIVAs, the first step in purchasing your garment is determining your size. There is no cross-over in sizing between other brands, so measuring is essential. We also recommend remeasuring every 6 months, as minor fluctuations in arm measurements may happen during that time that can change your garment size.

Luckily, determining your size is easy. First, measure according to our sizing chart. Next, input your measurements into the Fitter's Aid app to get a sizing recommendation. If you're in between sizes, or the Fitter's Aid cannot provide a recommendation, please get in touch with us with your measurements; one of our Customer Care Navigators will be glad to assist you.

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