​About Lymphedivas Compression Garments

What compression classes do your offer?

Our LympheDivas range of compression garments, including  arm sleeves, gauntlets, and gloves, come in 20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg.

NOTE: Compression class names vary regionally. LympheDivas defines Class One (CC1)  as 20-30 mmHg and Class Two (CC2) as 30-40 mmHg. 

What compression class do I need?

It is best to consult your doctor or lymphoedema therapist about which compression level is best to manage your swelling. A doctor or therapist will assess your arm and develop a plan with you to manage and/or reduce your lymphedema.


A trained therapist can individually tailor a self-management plan to your needs. These lymphoedema care plans often include wrapping, manual lymph drainage massage, and wearing correctly fitted compression garments.


Class 1 (20-30 mmHg) is generally for preventative wear for those at risk for swelling and minor swelling, and Class 2 (30-40 mmHg) is for more severe edema.

What sleeve length options do you offer?

Our sleeves come in a Short and a Long length, but don’t be put off by the names…


We used to call our lengths regular and long, but let’s be honest, is there such a thing as a  standard arm length? Since there isn’t a standard arm size, we now describe our lengths as Short or Long. We hope these descriptions will inspire our customers to measure their arm and get the sleeve that will fit them the best.


To determine the best length for you, measure your arm length from the wrist to the top of the bicep; the Short sleeve length accommodates arms 37-44cm, and the Long sleeve length accommodates arms 43-56cm. 

Have a look at our sizing chart for more information.

What size do I need?

Please visit our Size + Fit page to see detailed instructions on measuring and fitting for our garments. 

Should I wear a gauntlet or glove with my arm sleeve?

When wearing a medical graduated medical compression sleeve, it is best for lymphedema patients to protect their hands with a compression gauntlet or glove.


Wearing a sleeve without a gauntlet or glove allows the sleeve’s pressure to push lymphatic fluid down into the hand instead of up toward your body. When you wear a sleeve and a glove or gauntlet together, you can protect yourself against the risk of this happening.


Please discuss this information with your doctor or therapist to decide whether a gauntlet or glove suits you.

Why is my gauntlet/glove wrist loose?

Having double pressure in the wrist from the glove or gauntlet and the arm sleeve can result from improper graduation in the compression and increased swelling. That’s why we designed the glove and gauntlet to prevent overlapping compression at the wrist when worn with a sleeve.

What is the DIVA Diamond Band?

We designed the Diamond Diva band for skin and allergy sensitivities to help the sleeve stay up and minimize rolling. The gripper band, which runs across the top cuff of the sleeve, is both latex and silicone-free! However, you can order the sleeve with or without the band at no extra cost for those with truly sensitive skin.

A style and a feature to meet every need.
A Laundry bag should always be used when washing your lymphedivas garments

​Wearing & Caring

When should I wear my garments?

The short answer? As often as possible. However, the reality is that your needs will vary depending on the severity of your lymphoedema.


Work with your lymphedema certified therapist to develop a self-care program suited to your particular needs. LympheDivas garments are not night garments and are typically worn only for daytime activities.

How do I put on and take off my garments?


1.)  Turn down the top of the sleeve, so it’s folded over itself.

2.)  Pull the sleeve over your hand until the end of the sleeve is positioned at the wrist.

3.)  Gently pull the rest of the sleeve evenly up over the arm to the armpit, equally distributing the sleeve over the whole arm.
IMPORTANT: Make sure there are no constrictions or wrinkles!


To remove the sleeve, hold the top of the cuff and pull it down until it slips off your hand.

1.)  Put the glove on your hand and adjust the fingers by gently pulling each glove finger opening down to your nail bed, leaving the tips of your fingers exposed.

2.)  Next, smooth out any extra fabric over the length of your fingers. The finger fabric will naturally fall into place and distribute evenly over your fingers as you begin to use your hands. 

3.)  To remove the glove, lightly tug up each glove finger to loosen, then gently slide the non-gloved hand into the glove, opening at the wrist to push the glove up and off the hand. This method will allow you to remove the glove without turning it inside out.   

How do I care for my garments?

Caring for your garment as instructed below is essential to getting the full 4-6 months of wear. In addition, regular washing prolongs the garment's useful life and maintains the ideal compression characteristics.


Washing & Drying

To wash your garment, please place the arm sleeve, gauntlet, or glove in a lingerie/delicates bag and machine wash the garment on delicates setting in cold water using a gentle fabric detergent. Keep the garment in the delicates bag, tumble dry low until fully dry. 


Do Not:

  • Wash in hot water
  • Dry on high heat setting
  • Dry on any setting for an excessively long duration
  • Wring the garments dry
  • Hand wash
  • Dry clean
  • Use any chemical solvent or bleach, fabric softener, or any other laundry additive
  • Use creams, oils, and lotions immediately before donning the garment


Doing any of the above can compromise the delicate nature of the fibers that make up your garment, can more rapidly deteriorate compression, and lower the useful lifespan of the garment. We recommend rotating between 2 or more garments and washing the garments frequently in between use for best results. To learn more about our care instructions, read our blog post: Garment Care Explained.

Do you offer options for Dudes and Brus?

Sorry for the overly girly branding. We totally cater to our favourite guys with an awesome range of LympheBru Garments! Check it out!

​How to purchase

Where can I order

LympheDames sells to doctors' offices, therapy practices, and customers alike. However, any effective lymphedema treatment plan requires both compliant uses of compression garments and consistent drainage therapy. Therefore, we advise patients to try to work with a trained lymphedema therapist whenever possible, and you can often order directly through your preferred therapy practice.

We accept orders from both our website and over the phone by calling +27 21 012 5200.

When in doubt, call or use the chat feature available on the website to speak to a LympheDames representative. We will assist you in getting a suitable garment to meet your needs.

However, please note that LympheDames representatives are medical suppliers but NOT medical practitioners. As such, we provide only technical recommendations based on our garments' particular capabilities and limitations. We do not provide medical or treatment advice.

Are your products covered by my medical aid?


Our LympheDivas Compression Garments are registered with the Medikredit to enable therapists and physicians to prescribe the garments and obtain coverage by medical aids. Patients typically should receive 2 garments every 6 months.

If you need a quotation to submit to your medical aid, please call our offices at +27 21 012 5200 or shoot us an email at and we will be glad to assist you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our most common form of payment is an EFT, however we are able to accept payments by most major credit cards. 

Can I exchange or return my purchase?

Yes! We accept returns of unused garments within 30 days of purchase, with the exception of items marked as Final Sale. If your items should be defective, we will happily exchange it within 60 days. 

See our complete return policy here

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