30.05.19 02:36 PM
My glove/guantlet has a loose wrist, why is that?

Having double pressure in the wrist from the glove or gauntlet and the arm sleeve can result from improper graduation in the compression and increased swelling. That’s why the glove and gauntlet were specially designed to have no overlapping compression at the wrist when worn with a sleeve.

Do I have to wear a gauntlet/glove with my compression sleeve?
What compression class do I need?
What is Class 1 (20-30 mmHg) and Class 2 (30-40 mmHg) and how is compression defined?
How can I trust that lymphedivas garments will safely manage my lymphoedema?
What size should I order?
Do you offer different sleeve lengths?
I am a male with lymphoedema; can I wear your products?
My sleeve rolls down, what can I do?
Are lymphedivas products covered by my Medical Aid?
I have lower extremity lymphoedema. Do you have any options for me?
Do you accept phone orders?
Can I exchange or return my purchase?
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